Week 3: Watercolor and a Dumb Song!

Hello! I started off this week by visiting the UT Austin music building for the first time. The building has multiple floors of soundproof practice rooms (with upright pianos inside) that let you just get lost in music. I love how you can go there if you’re feeling like you want to disappear for a little bit and enjoy some alone time on a campus as busy as this one. I recorded myself playing the first half-page of Mitsuha’s theme from my (probably) favorite movie, Kimi no na Wa (Your Name).

Following that, I spent some of time preparing for ABSA’s Top Model Competition. The theme was to dress up as some kind of famous Asian, so our group chose to run as the guys from Worth It!

During Top Model, I walked in and ended up answering some (raunchy) Q&A questions, followed by a talent – oh boy was this a beautiful mess. I learned the version of the song I was going to sing (a very, very, VERY dumb song) two days before and made up a dumb monologue to preface it. While playing the song, I tried to fake forgetting the lyrics. This was great and worked well — until I actually forgot the lyrics. I remember playing it off and skipping a line (nobody noticed :)) and finished with the song. Once I can find a video of it, I’ll leave it here 🙂

Since I was busy this week with a big CS test and this “competition,” I didn’t really have time to do much else until Saturday (today!). After sitting around for a few hours, I finally decided to start practicing watercolor again. After getting my things together, I went to the classiest location on campus – Jester basement – and began painting. Here’s how that turned out:

Honestly, I still need a LOT of work, but it didn’t turn out that bad. I’m still getting used to how water flows after painting exclusively in oil for the last couple of years. I didn’t actually intend for it to be a sunset scene, but after carelessly mixing some red into the water, I realized there was no turning back! Maybe one day I’ll recreate it with an aurora-looking sky 🙂

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Lately I’ve been participating in different choirs since the easiest instrument to learn is your voice 😀 but you should try recording in the music dep. it sounds like a good atmosphere! (No pun intended)

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