Week 2: Back to Painting!

It’s been a long week! I finally got everything situated in my dorm (with no room left!!!) and got all of my work done! This week, I had way too many assignments and events to help prepare for, but I’m glad to be nearing the end of the week.

I just finished my lab for my computer science class, the infamous “bomb lab.” To put it simply, this assignment involved a program that, on launch, asks for a defuse code. If the code inputted is wrong, then the bomb explodes and your grade drops. You’re supposed to inspect the machine code to reverse engineer a defuse key that is randomly generated for everyone.

Finally done!! I was so relieved after seeing this message šŸ™‚

For ABSA (Asian Business Student Association, an on-campus org I’m involved with), I had a lot of events to help prepare for/attend. We have a large crawfish boil tomorrow that we’ve been preparing all week for, as well as a painting social tonight that I’m going to lead! While some of my friends were cutting potatoes, I did a test run on one of the (admittedly small) canvases with acrylic paint.

It’s been a while since I’ve used acrylic! I really did not like trying to blend it (as I normally paint in Oil), but it was fun knocking something out relatively quickly. This scene is somewhat like my ideal scenery – an early, moody evening in the fall where the temperature isn’t too hot nor too cold. It’s kind of strange that I’m painting something like this in the spring, but I guess it might just be because I already miss the fall.

Washing my palette is almost as relaxing as painting the actual picture :’)

My next step is to practice more with my guitar in order to perform at the next ABSA meeting, where for some reason, I was nominated to compete in their “Next Top Model” competition…. check again next week to see how it went!

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  1. That CS assignment sounds difficult. Unfortunately as an engineering major Iā€™m only required to take 1 programming class šŸ™

    1. It wasn’t too hard but it was somewhat stressful! I definitely blew up the bomb a couple times on accident šŸ™‚ I wish you well in your programming class!

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